Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's been TOO LONG

So I haven't posted on here for awhile. I've been busy touring with Neon Trees. My music has taken a backseat, but I'm not stopping and I have you guys haven't forgotten. I've got some demos with scratch vocals from the Winter EP (Which may not be released anymore...more on that later) But I still wanted to share the songs one way or another.

I thought I'd keep this blog strictly Spiral Diary and not personal, but Spiral Diary IS personal to me. So nothing should stop me from posting about my adventures on the road with Neon Trees. But make sure to check out the 2 new demos at

These two songs are on opposite sides of the spectrum. I wanted to show people the range that the Winter EP songs have. One pretty love song and one dark industrial/techno song. I'll try to keep in touch


Thursday, February 4, 2010


It's been awhile. I've been very busy with Neon Trees and working to save up money lately. But I was bored and thought I'd upload some music for people to have for free. Enjoy.



Wake of Someday

Winter EP Instrumentals (NEW stuff!)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tour Updates

Things are going great out here on the road with Neon Trees. Having a lot of fun and getting to know and fully appreciate Inward Eye and Nico Vega. They both put on a VERY good show. Make sure to follow on twitter for more comments, updates, and pics.

I'll keep it brief tonight. Thanks for reading.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Touring with Neon Trees

Big news everybody,

I was recently offered the opportunity to go out on a 3 week tour playing 2nd guitar for Neon Trees. For those of you who don't know Neon Trees, they're a Provo/Southern California band who have been playing around locally for years. I've always enjoyed their music and they've recently had some exciting developments. They have a new EP "Start A Fire" coming out this month (Nov. 20th on myspace. and then a full length "In Our Youth" in April on Mercury Records. I'm very excited about getting out on the road and playing music full time for a few weeks. It will be a nice break and another great learning experience for me.

Unfortunately, it delays the Winter EP I've been working on. The writing is nearly finished, I just need to record vocals and do a little trimming to a couple songs. Hopefully it will be out early next year.

But here are more details on the tour:


11/27 - MESA, AZ
11/29 - LAS CRUCES, NM
12/1 - DALLAS, TX
12/2 - BILOXI, MS
12/5 - ATLANTA, GA
12/11 - NEW YORK, NY
12/14 - DETROIT, MI
12/15 - CHICAGO, IL
12/18 - DENVER, CO
12/20 - LAS VEGAS, NV

For more accurate info, go to

I'll probably put the dates up on my myspace as well. Anyway, stay tuned for videos/updates from the road!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

SLUG Magazine Review

My first review by an outsider! A critic who has never met me or heard my music before. Here's what they said:

"Spiral Diary = Dashboard Confessional + Saves the Day + Plain White T’s
This CD was a cringefest. Emo, as a genre, is sort of embarrassing by definition, even at its best, and bad emo music is so mortifying that it makes me want to curl up in a fetal position. I don’t understand––why did this even get made? Why did anyone think that lyrics like “If it seems too good to be true, / it’s probably too good to be true” needed to be sung by a dude with an annoyingly nasal breathy voice? Why, then, were flaccid, mealy acoustic guitar chords added? The whole venture is just confusing and awkward. –Cléa Major"


I think the blurbs on my bio will have to be :

"...too good to be true..."

"This CD was ...sung by a dude with ...voice ...chords"

"Spiral Diary = ...Saves the Day"

"This CD ...acoustic"

"...I ...nasal ...hole venture ...s"

"This CD ...makes me want to curl up in ...acoustic guitar"

"This ...whole venture is ...Major"

"...I don't understand ...lyrics's ...confusing"

"This CD was ...Emo its best"

"...anyone ...that ...s ...a dude ...awkward"

"This CD was ...ass..."

"...I ...probably ...needed to be ...a dude"

"This CD ...makes me ...whole"

" is ...mortifying makes me ...mad..."

"I ...think seems too good to be true ...with ...Clea Major"

"Why ...dude?

"This CD ...makes me ...flaccid"

"...r ...o ...n ...b ...ur ...g ...u ...n ...d ...y ...?"

It's fun playing the "make-a-blurb" game. YOU try it! Leave your comments with your best blurbs. Remember, it's gotta be in chronological order!!



Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Perfect Circle

The games are over
The stadium lights go out
The lot is dark, everyone has gone home

I wear three layers
But the air still chills my bones
I can't keep warm until we're in each others' arms

I don't care if my entire body goes numb
All I need to feel right now is whole

We are a perfect circle of fabric and limbs
Legs and arms tied up and tangled in an elegant dance

The speakers sing words
Specifically for me
Your voice rings out in such a beautiful melody

I don't care if my tired jaw goes dumb
All I need to say before is "Don't go"

We are a perfect circle of fabric and limbs
Legs and arms tied up and tangled in an elegant dance
Our hearts protected by an autumn blanket
A wall of ribs and skin defending our beating romance

I can't explain this enchanting scene and sentiment
This attraction and attachment is all that makes sense
We kiss like legends stolen from old fashioned pages
Adapted, then translated for the camera lens

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Forgotten/Rough Draft Youtube

Break out your markers and connect the dots
Along my cut and corroded chin
Draw a long, broad, crooked line
Highlight the flaws and potmarks in my weathered skin

My closest friends have always been masks and disguises
My greatest threats have always been cameras and reflections

I tell myself "I can do better than this"
I tell myself "No need to settle for less"

Break out the camouflage and hit the deck
Because poison's pumping out of these pores
I try to conceal imperfections
Always screaming for attention
These two sides are at war

My complexion is two shades of color: fragile white and irritated red
I cover up these blemishes with liquid paper and red pens
I am a rough draft
Proofread by the professor
He sent me back smeared with corrections and a note that read:

"Stop kidding yourself, you can't do better than this.
It's time to settle for less."

I forget as much as I am forgotten